Gene Schmitz has been
to Heaven & Back
Hundreds of Times

Learn about his
Soul Travel
Out of Body

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Summer Bacon one of the
clearest and most authentic
trance mediums of our time

Trans Medium



Big Foot Track



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Blue Haired Being

Tom Dongo
Researcher, author,
and consultant.














Hear the show's host tell of his over 50 years of soul traveling to Heaven & back, talking with some of his departed relatives.



See Summer Bacon, one of the clearest and most authentic trance mediums of our time, bring the beautiful spirit of
Dr. James Martin Peebles through her body to share his timeless wit and wisdom from the “other side”. His down-to-earth, specific, and practical guidance has endeared him to people from all walks of life and varying belief systems.

See Tom Dongo, UFO/Alien Paranormal Researcher, author, and consultant share his personal XM contacts with alien beings.


See Jim Law as he recalls being physical healed by Aliens the night before his scheduled surgery.

Paranormal Activity


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