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Maryvale Panthers,

Phoenix Arizona


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Class of 1986:


Born: 01-27-1968, in Avery, North Carolina USA
Died: 05-1992, in Arizona.

Van participated in football during his freshman year in 1983. Van's siblings are: Kimberlin Aldridge, MHS; 1982, Darryl Aldridge, MHS; 1988, and Lillian Aldridge, MHS; 1989. Van's Father is Lewis Mc Aldridge.


Born: 01-26-1969,
Died: 08-24-1993


Born: 01-19-1968
Died: 06-26-1994, at 26 years of age, in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona.

Joe's obituary was published in the Arizona Republic, Section CL, page 19, on 06/29/1994.

Rob Kiphart says," A lot of talk on here about those who have passed on ... So here's to MY friend, JOE BONAIUTO - Class of '86 We met the day after the Van Halen concert in Freshman English, both wearing our new VH Concert t-shirts. Brothers in Drumming! He was killed in an auto acident in 1995. - R.I.P. my good friend!"
Chris Greenwood says, "Great pic Rob. Joe was the man. I still think about him frequently. Dave playing Dee at his grave side service was touching as hell, and is a moment I will never forget. Burning Ambition forever!!!"

Born: 06-29-1968 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Died: 10-01-1994, at 26 years of age, in a car accident.

Mark was an only child. He lived in New Mexico until the mid 1970s, when he moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 02/1986. He loved fishing, boating and the mountains. His wife is Cynthia "Cindy" (Silva) Camp, MHS; 1986. They married on 06/04/1994. The day of his funeral, 10/04/1994, would have been their 4 month wedding anniversary. Mark's Aunt is Judy (Camp) Siler, MHS; 1972. Mark's obituary was published in the Arizona Republic, Section CL, page 12, on 10/04/1994.


Born: 09-05-1967
Died: 04-06-1994, in Lincoln County, Montana.
Dan participated in "Company C" of the MHS-ROTC program during his senior year.
Daniel last resided in Gallatin, Montana USA.



Born: 11-19-1968, in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
Died: 10-28-1990, at 21 years of age, in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona. Benny was a student at the time of his passing. He is survived by a daughter, Aryelle Vance; and a son, Paris Vance. His parents are Lucio Espejo and Dorothy Thompson. Benny has three sisters, two of them are Selah Espejo, MHS; 1983, and Yolanda Espejo, MHS; 1984, also four brothers, and grandparents, and a sister-in-law is Trudy (Koches) Espejo, MHS; 1981. Visitation was Friday, 11/02/1990; at Greer Chapel and Funeral Home, 5921 West Thomas Road, Phoenix, Arizona; and Services were Saturday, 11/03/1990, at the mortuary chapel. Published in the Arizona Republic, Section C, page 3, on 11/02/1990; and in the Phoenix Gazette, Section F, page 5, on 11/02/1990.


Born: 03-01-1968
Died: 09-26-2003, at 35 years of age, from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), of Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona

A memorial service to celebrate Sharla's life was held Wednesday, 10/01/2003 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints located at 3527 West Happy Valley Road, Phoenix, Arizona. Published in the Arizona Republic on 10/01/2003. Visitation was on Friday, 10/03/2003 at Caldwell Chapel. Further visitation was on Saturday, 10/04/2003 at Pima LDS Church, Pima, Arizona. Services were also on Saturday, 10/04/2003 at Pima LDS Chapel. Arrangements entrusted to Bunker's Caldwell Chapel. Published in the Arizona Republic on 10/02/2003.




Born: 1968
Died: 04-20-2003 at 34 yrs. of age.

Robert had posted a personal profile on the www.Gradfinders.com  website. The profile has 47 photos posted of himself and his precious eclectic art collection. Robert wrote a book entitled: "Divine Intervention" The Time Travels of A Lonely soul... by Robert A. Franzen, that was to be published in 2003. Robert attended John F. Long Elementary, 1974; John Wesley Powell Elementary, 1980; Desert Sands Middle School, 1982; and MHS, 1986. Memorial services were held Friday, 04/25/2003 at St. John Vianney Catholic Church, 529 E. La Paseda Blvd., Goodyear, Arizona. Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery, 10045 West Thomas Road, Avondale, Arizona 85323; in the cremains wall located in the outside wall next to the Southwest grounds of the cemetery. Robert last resided in Glendale, Arizona. Published in The Arizona Republic 04/24/2003.

Chris Friese

Chris Friese passed away on 10-17-2013 Tamara Andrews & Teresa Imes DeBacker Sisters

Died: 1984/85, during his junior class year.
MHS 1985 annual lists Troy's name on page # 230; in a memorial dedication, stating that his death was alcohol-related, in an auto accident. It isn't known if Troy died in the same car accident as Tim Post, MHS; 1985 and Shauna Simpson, MHS; 1987. The 1985 Panthorian yearbook is dedicated to all 3 of them and memories of them. Troy's sisters are: Karen Hammerstedt, MHS; 1979, and Judy Hammerstedt, MHS; 1991.


Died: 1984, in her sophomore class year.


Born: 02-23-1968
Died: 01-13-2005, while serving his country in Mosul, Iraq.
Brian was an Airborne Ranger, Iraq Veteran.
Brian was awarded a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star Medal.
Criteria for receiving a Purple Heart: Any member of the U.S. Armed Forces killed or wounded in an armed conflict.
Criteria for receiving the Bronze Star: Heroic or meritorious achievement.
Branch: U.S. Army
Rank: MSGT., 1st Class; promoted posthumously to Master Sergeant.
Veteran Service Dates: 11/22/1988 - 01/13/2005
Date of Interment: 01/21/2005
Buried at: Section 52 Site 177
National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona
Brian A. Mack, joined the Army at age 20, was assigned to the Fort Lewis Stryker Brigade. In Iraq, Mack had volunteered to be platoon sergeant to young Army scouts. Mack, a Phoenix native, was promoted posthumously to master sergeant, becoming the highest-ranking, noncommissioned (enlisted) officer from Fort Lewis to die in Iraq. He was a Stryker brigade soldier who was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, MSG Brian A. Mack, 36, of Phoenix, Ariz., died 01-13-2005 in Mosul, Iraq (where combat had grown more intense as Iraqi elections scheduled for late January, 2005 approached), when his military vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device; he was hit by shrapnel from a roadside bomb. He was standing in a hatch of his Stryker armored vehicle. Mack was assigned to/a member of Task Force Olympia, a combined force that includes the 3rd Battalion, 1st Brigade, 21st Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division (the 2nd Stryker brigade) based at Fort Lewis, Washington, other units from Fort Lewis and about 300 members of the 81st Brigade Combat Team, a Washington State National Guard unit headquartered at Camp Murray. Brian spent the last 16 years of active service with the United States Army, the last 13 years as an Airborne RANGER. There are no safe Army jobs in Iraq, but Master Sgt. Brian Mack could have chosen one less dangerous than leading a scout platoon in the streets of Mosul. He'd already completed his assignment as a platoon sergeant, training and caring for 40 infantrymen. He could have taken a headquarters staff job. “Most would have sat back and said, 'I've done my time,’ but not Mack,” Lt. Robert Decker told mourners at a memorial ceremony for the fallen soldier held at the main post chapel at Fort Lewis, Wash. “You couldn't drag him away from troops. He risked his life with us every day, being with his boys.” Mack was popular with fellow soldiers in the brigade, he was considered to be a great friend, leader and a brave soldier who instilled the best on his soldiers and had the ability to make them braver, he was greatly admired. For the past couple of years Mack was in charge of advanced specialty training across the 4,200-soldier 1st Brigade. “He was the one I sent soldiers to when they wanted to be better,” said Carlton Dedrich, who retired last year as the brigade’s command sergeant major. “He was the best, and he loved to train soldiers. He was the most passionate leader and soldier that I ever met.” Mack volunteered to be platoon sergeant with the 3-21’s scouts in Iraq. Decker, the young lieutenant in charge, said he was grateful for Mack’s move. It is the experienced platoon sergeants job to teach his young commander about life with soldiers. “He watched my back and took care of me,” Decker said, Mack’s widow, Lisa, their daughter Ashley, 17, held one another tight and cried together throughout the ceremony at the main post chapel. Decker and one of the platoons squad leaders, Staff Sgt. Michael Mesmer, were home on leave when Mack was killed. They struggled to keep their composure as they eulogized their friend. “Brian cared about me,” Mesmer said, “as he did all of his men: from his heart.” Mack lived in DuPont, Washington before his deployment. He is survived by his wife Lisa, and daughter Ashley. Surviving family include parents Rick and Barbara, his brother Kevin Mack, MHS; 1983 and his family. In-laws Ted and Paula Randall and brother Gary. Services for the MSGT. were held at the Chapel of Chimes Mortuary, 7924 North 59th Ave. Glendale, AZ. on Friday 01-21-2005. Burial services for him immediately followed at the National Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix, AZ. Department of the Army, United States of America 1775 Dignity Memorial. Published in The Arizona Republic on: 01/20/2005. Brian attended Spitalny Elementary, and Frank Borman Jr. High School. Brian was an "All-star Catcher and Pitcher" in Little League, he was on the Downs-Spitalny Dodgers-1980 team, and went on to compete in the Little League All-star Tournament held at Holiday Park School. Brian stood head and shoulders above the group with his Leadership, Competitiveness, Athletic Ability, Toughness and most of all his Bravery. He accepted challenge, without hesitation, and showed his effectiveness as a True Leader. Brian's personal qualities had a positive impact on his teammates and coaches, who furthered their own personal years of competitive ball and always applied the Spirit, Pride and Determination that was learned from Brian Mack. "Brian: Thank you 'My Brother' for your Bravery in accepting the 'Ultimate Challenge'. I know it was done without hesitation... May God Bless You." Coach Danny Baca.

Personal Memorial Photo

Born: 02-11-1969,
Died: 12-25-1993

Born: 03-10-1968
Died: 05-31-1988, at 20 years of age, in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona.

Tim is a U.S. Veteran
Branch: U.S. Air Force
Rank: AB
Service period: 03/07/1988 - 05/31/1988
Interment: 06/03/1988
Buried at: Section 26 Site 124
National Memorial Cemetery Of Arizona
23029 North Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85024

In 1984-85, during Tim's junior year, he was a member of the MHS-JROTC and was the Information Officer. Tim's brother is Tom McMonigal, MHS; 1985. His parents are Patrick and Joanne McMonigal. Obituary was published in the Arizona Republic, Section F, page 7, on 06/03/1988, and in the Phoenix Gazette, Section E, page 12, on 06/03/1988. Tim last resided in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona.



Born: 12-03-1968
Died: 04-17-1994

Tony was a systems engineer with IBM. He last resided in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


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