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Fruit=Alkaline Body
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Slowing Down Aging

You Are What You Eat

GOD, grant me the serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change,

Courage to change the
things I can, and the
wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardship
as the pathway to peace.

Taking, as He did, this
sinful world as it is,
not as I would have it.

Trusting that He will make
all things right if I
surrender to His Will;

That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever in the next.



Learn to Ride
a Unicycle Book

Movie Preview March 29, 2018 Thursday 6PM

Super Saver Movie Theater

2610 W. Bell Rd, Suite 1125

Phoenix AZ 85029

      Tickets $10

Everyone is welcome! Bring your friends!

Fantastic new movie by Ron Nix, famed Hollywood stuntman. Nix director, actor and producer, has planned this movie for 20 years! Pat Larkin, producer, actor and writer plays a very convincing sheriff. Kristina Wayborn, former James Bond girl, plays a bar owner and love interest of Pat's. Marty Kove just puchased another bar, but secretly works for the CIA. Bobbi Jeen Olson is Lexis, a troubled young woman who dances at the bar Krissy owns and isn't afraid to mix it up with the low lifes. Cole McKay, Frank Noel and Neil Summers play drug dealers. Spanky Spangler is a climbing instructor. The film introduces Daniel Hitchcock and Stephanie Dostal as Billy and Teresa. Sandy Gibbons and Linda Ray Jurgens are reporters. Plenty of other local talent can be seen in this film including Dewey Hopper, Sam & Cindy Meranto, Brad Zinn and many more. A complete list is below. The film was beautifully shot by Jonathan Able.  Dramatically edited  music by Rolli Stevens. Edited By Richard  Lopez.

A killer is on the loose! No one is safe! The Mayor is threatening to bring in the National Guard. The sheriff suspects a person who survived and disappeared from a mass killing 10 years before. And the Deputy is involved in so much rotten stuff you won't believe it!


Dinner after at Macayo's 59th Ave & Bell Rd

Order and pay as you like, but ask to be seated in the Ron Nix area.

Many of the stars will be on hand to sign the poster available for $10 

Warning Cast List

Kristina Wayborn  Kristy bar owner
Pat  Larkin  Sheriff Pat 
Marty Kove bar owner
Bobbi Jeen  Olson  Lexis
Cole McKay biker
Spanky  Spangler  mtn climber
Neil Summers biker
Frank  Noel cowboy
Ron Nix  Deputy Bob 
Daniel  Hitchcock  Billy 
Stephanie  Dostal  Teresa 
Pat  Sweeney  cowboy
Randy "Ranch" Lester  Brother - fighter
Sandy  Gibbons  Publisher 
Linda Ray  Jurgens  Reporter
Nakojua  Baltazar dancer
Jim  Bellows parasailer
Diana  Brest  restaurant patron
Autumn  Cheles   patron / dancer
Michael  Clark cowboy
Michael  Hillman  lake
Jim  Laird  doctor
Sam  Meranto mayor
Cindy  Meranto mayor's wife
Royce T  O’Donnell restaurant patron
Charles “Casino”  Parcels  Reporter 
Gregory J  Petitt  bouncer 
Quinn  Putnam  (car) 
Jason  Rodenkirk  bar patron, biker
Gina Smith nurse
Rolli  Stevens                                      musician
Dean Grant  Tolhurst  restaurant patron
Sandra Williams cowgirl
Brad  Zinn mayor's asst
Jonathan  Able Cameraman
Jeff  Abraamson army
Roger Anderson army
Marleah Anderson rodeo
Laurie  Ball  restaurant patron
Aubriella Baltazar rodeo
Jeanne  Brown   Soaring School
Bill  Chambers  restaurant patron
Larry  Chebowski  restaurant patron 
Dr. Aldemir  Coelho  doctor
Roy  Collette  Soaring School 
Warren Dawson biker
Diana M  Domarsky  restaurant patron
Katia  Faustino rodeo
Tom I  Foley rodeo
Karen Ann Foley rodeo
Dwayne  Foster bar patron
Paul  airport party guest
Ron  Garland party guest
Jeff  Goldsberry bar patron
Idan Greenberg army
Brian A  HeitkamSr  restaurant patron
Liam  Hopper restaurant patron
Dewey  Hopper  restaurant patron
Roger Johnston  restaurant patron
Pierre  Kropft  bar patron
Shaun  Larkin  biker
Dorothy Larkin  rodeo
John Layne biker
Rollins L  Lewis Jr  bar patron
Rob  Lippert army
Mike  Martin rodeo
Michael Massey rodeo
Spencer  McCown  bar patron
Kathy  Meek party guest
Jim  Mitchell  bar patron
Steven Neilzovsky biker
John  Pavka army
Bob  Pettit trooper
Reagan Pettit guest
Rowan  Ray  bar patron
Kristina  Rodmacher  bar patron
Bob  Roloff  party guest
Joe  Samsil Sgt of Arms
Joe  Samson restaurant patron
Charles Schreihman rodeo
LeeAnn  Sharpe  restaurant patron
Ryan  Shaw  bar patron
Alex Strawbridge guest
Lazar  Tesanovic  restaurant patron
Cyndi  VerityTurturo bar patron
Jill  Villa  bar patron
Robin Wackerfuss army
Ruth  Wallace party guest
Edward Water cowgirl
Aron  Winter bar patron
Brenda  Zinn party guest
Eric   party guest
Darren   parasailer
Aaron   party guest



The Navy Office of Community Outreach is proud to announce the success story of 
a newly pinned chief petty officer from your area. The Navy chief continues a 
124-year-old, time-honored tradition and represents only 8.5 percent of all 
sailors serving today. 
Chief Legalman Jeffrey Greener from Phoenix, Arizona, is currently serving with 
Region Legal Service Office Mid-Atlantic.  This sailor is one of only 4,400 
sailors who were advanced out of 22,000 eligible this year. 

NEVER GET LOCKED OUT OF YOUR                                 (SMART)   HOME AGAIN

By  | - KANSAS CITY | 

Smart homes are the talk of the consumer housing market, and for property managers, landlords, and rental property owners, there’s a big opportunity to manage their units in “smarter” ways. Homebase provides smart apartment management solutions for new and existing residential communities. It’s a win-win situation: property managers enjoy seamless control across buildings, making it easy to stay in touch with residents, manage payments and maintenance requests, and control smart devices such as locks, lights, and thermostats. Residents get all the great smart home devices, including climate, lighting, security, and…


Beat Summer Heat and Pet Shedding with Bump It Off

The summer heat is rising and that means there will be more tufts of dog and cat hair appearing around the home! It’s time to de-shed your pet with help from BUMP IT OFF.  This well-made silicone grooming tool fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to give you the concentrated power to gently brush their fur and keep your house clean.

This reusable silicone sleeve has gentle bristles on one side and smooth bumps on the other, your pets will love the massage they’ll get while you brush them. Plus, BUMP IT OFF fits in your hand in multiple positions so you can get every angle.

BUMP IT OFF is also a miracle worker when it comes to removing fur from furniture. The concentrated power of brushing makes it easier than ever to de-shed and reclaim your couch!

Brush away dirt and sand from toys, flipflops and your body before it tracks inside or scrub down your patio furniture with this tough tool. Brighten the BBQ, countertops and even exfoliate your skin before showing it off in the sun.

Stay on top of keeping your animals, furniture (and more!) clean with the easy-to-use BUMP IT OFF:

  • Eco-friendly while doing chores and no more wasting paper towels or water
  • Versatile for grooming pets, exfoliating bodies, cleaning fruits and veggies or removing toughest laundry stains
  • Dishwasher safe—clean and resuse
  • Fun, festive colors brighten up your cleaning

Brush down your furry champions while getting rid of muck in the house with the power of scrubbing with BUMP IT OFF! 

About Goddess of Gadgets

The self-proclaimed “Goddess of Gadgets” Lisa Ximenez specializes in inventing and producing innovative products that provide everyone with simple solutions to everyday home, health, and family challenges.  With over 25 years of executive experience in product brand development, 15 years as founder and CEO of RT Marketing, Lisa has amassed knowledge in how to successfully target a client’s needs, develop a solution, and promote to the correct audience. Her clients include popular, luxury and entertainment brands such as Avon, Kellogg’s, Disney, Nike Golf, Chicago Bulls, Aston Martin, Coke, Activision and Swarovski.

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Add some glitz and glam to your wardrobe this fall with                Pasha: Jewelry for Your Feet and Head.                                             In a season usually defined by darker colors, their colorful line of hand bejeweled sandals and headbands will be the perfect complement to your fun and flirty personality. They constantly come up with new styles that are in touch with the latest fashion trends, so you will never be bored and will always be yearning for more! No matter if you’re looking for flats, wedges, heels, or boots, Pasha has you covered!

  Their stunning bejeweled sandals, which start at $165, are the perfect addition to dresses, jeans or shorts. Each pair of footwear is made of the highest quality genuine leather and is artistically handcrafted in a manner that takes eight to twelve hours per pair, incorporating exclusive Czech rhinestones combined with unique gemstones, shells and natural stones!


 Finish off your look with one of their bejeweled headbands! Starting at $89, these stunning headbands will keep heads turning as you out shine the rest of the pack!

Pasha’s chic sandals and headbands are the bling you need! Head on over to their website,, and make sure all of you is on point this season! Come celebrate luxury with

Pasha: Jewelry for Your Feet and Head!

Cate & Chloe

Launches NEW Exclusive 18k White Gold Swarovski Collection on Amazon

Looking to add some pretty pieces to your personal collection? The versatile and elegant designs from Cate & Chloe are now available on Amazon! Complete any look with the exclusive 18k White Gold Swarovski Collection – affordable, yet elegant jewelry that is sure to stand out from the rest.

Carefully hand-selected, modern jewelry made for the everyday, modern woman, discover the daring pieces from Cate & Chloe:

  • McKenzie “Charming” White Gold Earrings: Designed and created with the everyday woman in mind, McKenzie is a true standard to any busy girl’s accessory collection! Easily transitioned from day to night, these elegant earrings can go from the office to a date night with that special someone in a breeze.
  • McKayla “Wondrous” White Gold Earrings: Attain sophistication with these magnificent white gold earrings! Dress up any evening with pieces that are superbly crafted and wondrous to look at with an effortless line of Gold Plated Swarovski earrings.

Spoil Your Wedding Squad with Cate & Chloe

Gorgeous bridesmaid and wedding gifts 

It’s her special day, get her a gift that’s equally as timeless with the high quality, classic designs from Cate & Chloe! Whether you want to encapsulate the beauty of the new bride or get a gorgeous gift for your girls, Cate & Chloe has sophisticated pieces of jewelry that are as stunning as they are thoughtful.


Searching for a subtle, meaningful wedding gift? Explore the perfect pairs of earrings, necklaces and pendants from Cate & Chloe:



The best wedding jewelry for every neckline, accessorize for your big day with Cate & Chloe! Cate & Chloe is a growing company who continuously strives to provide women with high quality jewelry fit for their budget. They carefully hand select every piece to ensure it meets the standards of the Cate & Chloe vision for timeless design.

 Cate & Chloe!

Feed Your Dog a Balanced Diet with Curry n Pepper

Unique, holistic & Ayurveda inspired lifestyle products for your pet’s mind, body & spirit

Searching for serenity in your furry friend’s food? Maintain balance in your pet’s mind, body and spirit through Curry n Pepper – an easy, holistic routine to meet a pet’s unique needs and promote their overall well-being. Based on the ancient science practices of Ayurveda, this specialty line draws its inspiration from the five elements of nature; Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. If you consider yourself healthy, why not restore your pet’s nutrition? Curry n Pepper’s all plant-based food, treats and bath pet products are just what your pooch needs!

Hetal Sheth, founder of Curry n Pepper, started the company with a goal to create a holistic lifestyle for dogs based on the science of Ayurveda. The inspiration behind the name, her three rescue dogs – Curry, Pepper and Brownie – suffered from multiple GI issues and severe allergies. After attempting various methods to improve their health, Hetal decided to try Ayurveda for her pets. With their pack making a complete turnaround in health, Sheth set on a mission to raise awareness and develop a system that would help pet parents create an Ayurveda based lifestyle for the overall well-being of their furry best friends.

Whether a Vata, Pitta or Kapha, each dog has a unique proportion of Dosha. Have you taken the Curry n Pepper Dosha Quiz? Once you find your corresponding dog food, it can be added to your dog’s present diet! Find out how Curry n Pepper can put the zen back into your pup’s chow:

Paw-Paddums ($11.99): Inspired by Pringles, these gluten-free treats are pawfect for snack time! Handcrafted using Dosha specific ingredients based on Ayurveda, they contain superfoods like quinoa, whole vegetables and fruits to balance your pet’s energy type. Available in Vata (blueberry), Pitta, (pumpkin), and Kapha (mixed greens).


 Dosha Dog Food ($29.99): Whether your pooch is a Vata, Pitta or a Kapha, each of these balancing dog foods will help maintain their optimal health. Handmade with real, human-grade ingredients to fulfill your dog’s unique needs, this dog food has grain free plant protein, veggies, fruits, and herbs that are sourced from local farms to maximize Prana and nutrition. Great to add to your dog’s favorite dry, frozen or raw food and balanced enough for dogs to enjoy on their own!                                                                         

 Tridosha Tooth Powder ($15.99): Looking for healthy dog teeth? Say goodbye to hide and seek at brush time with this pleasantly smelling tooth powder! Created using natural herbs to help keep bad breath away and maintain clean, healthy teeth and gums, dogs drool over this new dental hygiene routine. Simply mix a little water or coconut oil to create a paste and brush your pet’s teeth as you would with any other toothpaste! 100% natural and eco-friendly, this toothpaste does NOT contain glycerin, enzymes, chemicals, xylitol, sorbitol, or baking soda.


All Curry n Pepper food and treats are made in the USA with plant-based, whole food ingredients. No Soy, Corn, Gluten, Wheat, Dairy or Artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

We all want our pooch to live a happy, healthy life and with Curry n Pepper’s dosha specific routine, you can shape your pet’s nature and balance through exercise, diet and love. Looking to learn more? Check out Curry n Pepper’s FREE classes to pet parents in collaboration with Ayurveda Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Tejinder Sodhi to educate all pup owners on the basic concepts of Ayurveda!

Curious what your dog’s dosha is? Visit to find out more!

Peruse the entire Curry n Pepper line: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest  

Maryvale Panthers
Alumni Assoc
News Updates &
Memorial Pages 1964-201


How 6 Rock-Climbing Techniques Can Be
Your Secret Weapon In Life

There are times when desire and commitment drive us out of any comfort zone we could possibly imagine.

Manley Feinberg II thought about that fact one day as he stared at a wall of rock in front of him in the Aksu Valley, one of the last frontiers of big-wall rock climbing, located in the country of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.

Feinberg, a business leader, motivational speaker and author of Reaching Your Next Summit (, was about to take on one of the greatest challenges in this adventure sport. But before he could do it, he had to put faith in a Russian colleague named Dima who suffered a seizure only hours before the climb.

Dima served as Feinberg’s belayer, the one who uses a small metal device known as a belay to control the friction of a climber’s rope and save him if he begins to fall.

"The belay allows climbers to safely accomplish what seems impossible," Feinberg says. "The same belay principle can be your secret weapon in life where someone can help you stretch your own comfort zone and reach toward higher summits while encouraging you and saving you from the falls you will inevitably encounter."

Feinberg says the business leaders he often advises and anyone else looking to accomplish lofty goals can use their own belay system and reach beyond their comfort zone. He offers these six tips for doing just that:

  • Get a safety system in place. Climbers, like anyone looking to accomplish big things, expect to fall on the way to reaching their summit and that’s why they use a belayer. "Before beginning the climb to your new goal, you should have processes in place to allow for your inevitable mistakes." Feinberg says. "Your own personal belayer that provides a safety system for when you fall."
  • Be sure to have just enough rope. A belayer must feed a climber just enough rope to allow him to move in a desired direction. You’ll want partners in business, and in life, who give you enough rope to climb and room to grow.
  • Avoid too much rope. A partner also shouldn’t give you too much slack because when you fall, the impact is going to be even greater for both of you.
  • Don’t let your belayer hold you back. A belayer must feed you just enough rope as you move along. However, they can hold you up if they aren’t giving you enough slack to move. Identifying a belayer who is holding you back in life and disconnecting from him or her can be one of the most courageous and productive actions you will ever take.
  • Find a partner whose actions are immediate. When you fall, which you will if you try to accomplish goals beyond your comfort zone, your partners must be fully present for you, just as a belayer must lock off the rope right away when a climber begins to fall.
  • Focus on reassurance after the fall. A good partner will help you recover and get back at your endeavor as soon as possible.

"When executed consistently, the belay lesson will have a dramatic impact on your life," says Feinberg, who recommends those looking to accomplish bigger goals should start their day with two questions: "Who do I need on belay today?" In other words, who can support me to help me accomplish my goals? And, "Who will I belay today?" What individual needs my support the most today?

About Manley Feinberg II

Manley Feinberg II ( is an award-winning international keynote speaker, business leader and author. During his career, he helped Build-a-Bear Workshop grow from 40 stores to more than 400 stores worldwide, while growing sales to more than $474 million, and landing the company on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® List four years in a row. In his book, Reaching Your Next Summit, Feinberg applies leadership lessons learned in business and adventures to life’s daily challenges.


Incredible things happen when you are open to the possibilities. This publication is put out there for the world in the hope that it opens your eyes, brings a little light into your life, inspires someone, brings good for you to pass on to another. We share it with you and hope you enjoy the experience. And pass it on... 


What is being done to safeguard grizzly bears now?


What is being done to get toxic flame retardants out of children’s furniture and other products? 

How iPhone Is Made:
A Surprising Report on How Much
of Apple’s Top Product is US-manufactured