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“Food is the most primitive form of comfort.”

The AZKangen Team shares their recipes and cooking experiences with Kangen water.


Beans cook to perfection in less time, when cooked with acidic water...

Kill bacteria with acidic water prior to cooking your fish and meat.   Use less salt when cooking with Kangen water Kangen water produces very fluffy rice Soak meats for super tenderizing Link  
Spray your food with acidic water prior to freezing to ensures the flavor of your foods won't be lost when it's thawed out.

Boiled eggs are peeled easy. Poached eggs hold together and have wonderful taste.


Soups and stews will have purer flavors Removes the harsh taste and strong smell of foods such as onions and garlic Clean vegetables and fruits removing all pesticides for incredibly fresher flavor Emulsifies oils
Acid water gives a nice texture and luster to udon, soba, and pasta noodles,. Enjoy the gourmet taste of raw udon and soba. Also perfect for noodle rinsing, and tempura batters.

Canker Sores There is some evidence suggesting that canker sores are an immune system response to a certain bacteria in the mouth. Some researchers think they're caused by an oversensitivity to hemolytic streptococcus bacteria. Bacteria that already exists in our mouths interferes with the healing so that killing them allows the sores to heal faster.

  Coffee or tea have better flavor and use less grounds or leaves to brew.  Increase the color, brightness, and aroma of full-flavored and fragrant tea.

Excellent extracting effect... Acts to soften
Dissolving power... Acts to dissolve and break down
Thermal conduction... Quick transfer of heat reduces boiling time

Quickly remove the rawness from bamboo shoots, wasabi, flowering fern, etc.


(Cleaning) For glass, eyeglasses, gems, knives, and polishing metal, etc. streak free! Acid water is recognized as having astringent effects (firming action).  

When Kangen water™ is mixed with highly acidic drinks such as whiskey, the flavor becomes mellow, and hangovers are prevented. Use with other liquors, too. Enjoy the mild delicious flavor.

Kangen water™ assists in gastrointestinal movement, and its antacid properties alleviate acid indigestion, chronic diarrhea, abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation   (Cleaning) removes oil on stove and range tops and soapy film build up in shower and tub!

Sciatica Relive Upper, Lower Back And Joint Pains - due to Insufficient Hydration!
Dr. F. Batmanghelidj MD,  explains process: "inadvertent dehydration is largely arising from our erroneous assurance that we think we are adequately hydrated because we ingest soda, coffee, tea and alcohol and 6 glasses of water a day. In effect we lose more water and salt than we assimilate consequence of the dehydrating effect of coffee, tea, soda and alcohol. In unintended dehydration:

1. Water is lacking to cleanse away acidic wastes in the spinal area. The alkalinity, 7.4 pH in the spinal joints and surrounding structures as well as the muscle turns to low pH acidic environment. The acidity is detected by the pain receptors and inscribed in the brain us ache.

This is the clamor of the body that the place is parched. This is the imminent cause why taking!ingesting 2 glasses of water and a boost of salt give instant ache alleviation within seconds of drinking water. Water is the best anesthetic and anti-inflammatory because we are replacing the water that is lacking which basis the perception of pain.

2. The spinal disc which is a gel-like doughnut (without a hole) in between the spinal bones is the shock absorber of the spine. It is made up of essentially water. If there is dehydration, the doughnut-like disc shrinks and loses its dynamism and can slip out of position that may impinge into the spinal chord and peripheral nerves causing severe pain of the back which is called a "slipped disc". The slipped disc may also brush a peripheral nerve causing severe pain like in sciatic pains. Maintaining applicable hydration will prevent retraction of the discs.

3. The discs and the spinal bones are lubricated so it will not rub directly counter to each other. The lubricant is made up mostly of water. Dehydration dries up the lubricant causing deterioration of the discs and the bones leading to osteoarthritis or rheumathoid arthritis, tendonitis. We take care of changing the oil of our cars better than changing our water.

Drinking 1/2 to 1 OZ per pound of body weight daily of Kangen water will prevent dehydration and acidity of the spine and bordering areas therefore preventing; slipped discs, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, rheumathoid arthritis,
fibromyalgia, peripheral nerve pains such as sciatica, tendonitis, bursitis and the like.

Avoiding dehydrating drinks like soda, coffee, tea and alcohol will also greatly help. Drinking Kangen Alkaline Water is definitely healthy.


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LeeAnn's Beef Stew Recipe
- 1-2 lbs Beef Stew meat precut from the grocery - soak in Kangen 11.5pH water 20-30 minutes.
- Pat beef stew meat slightly damp and put into a paper bag with 1 cup flour and 1 tsp pepper 1tsp salt. Shake to coat with flour.
- Add 2-4 tbsp olive oil to fry pan and fry flour coated  beef on high to sear and crisp up outside. Do not cook through, just searing to keep juices in.
- Dump into crock pot. with:  
- 1 pkg. Lipton Onion Soup mix - or onion flakes and beef bullion
- 1-2 cups Red Wine or Kangen 9.5pH water
- Stew in crock pot on high for a couple of hours
- Add 1-2 onions quartered (about 1-2 cups)
- Add half a head of celery chopped into 1/2 inch slices (about 1-2 cups) include leafy tops
- Add  carrots chopped into 1/2 inch slices (about 1-2 cups)
- Add  potatoes chopped into 1/2 inch chunks (about 1-2 cups))
- Stew in crock pot on high for about an hour and check until veggies are done.
-The flour from the stew meat may have thickened. If not thick enough add 1/2C Kangen 7pH clean water with 2 tbsp corn starch stirred in to the stew and allow to cook a few more minutes to thicken.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Sometimes I add a touch of cinnamon,  red pepper flakes, or herbs from my garden. Enjoy!
Soak meats for super tenderizing - "Hi! I'm LeeAnn and I wanted to tell how I did an experiment with beef stew. I had one of those large packages of stew meat from Safeway. I divided it in half. Half I threw in the crock pot and cooked as usual with potatoes onions carrots and celery added after a few hours. It was delicious as usual. The other half I soaked in Kangen 11.5pH water for about 20-30 minutes to tenderize. Then I cooked it in another crock pot exactly the same as the first batch.

The difference was incredible! The tenderized meat was so flavorful! And fork tender. The other batch was okay, but tough and dull compared!
Kangen water really makes a HUGE difference!  

LeeAnn's Eggplant Parmesan Recipe
  • 1 large plump firm Black Beauty Eggplant
  • Seasoned Bread Crumbs (Grated dried Bread, Parmesan & Basil & Oregano & Garlic Salt)
  • 2 eggs - beaten add 9.5pH Kagen water to thin slightly
  • Olive Oil
  • Onion diced small to medium chunks
  • 2-3 piece of garlic off clove smashed with knife
  • Diced Tomatoes - can w/Italian seasoning
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Ricotta Cheese pint
  • Mozzarella Cheese 16 oz

Peel and slice eggplant 1.4 inch thin salt and let stand 5 minutes. Rinse in Kangen 11.5pH water. Blot dry and dredge in beaten egg. Dip in seasoned bread crumbs coating heavily.  Fry in olive oil until brown on both sides. Drain on paper towels.

Make marinara sauce by sautéing  diced onion, garlic and add diced tomatoes. May need a touch of sugar, basil, oregano, garlic salt to taste.   

In baking dish Stack slice of eggplant, big spoon of marinara sauce, parmesan chees, ricotta cheese, and top with mozzarella cheese. Add another layer of same on top.

Bake in oven for 15-25 minutes at 400 degrees until top is nicely browned and cheese bubbles.

Good served immediately but better a day later!  


Eggplant is a healthy fruit but sometimes bitter. Traditionally cooks salt it and let it stand to pull the bitterness out, but I found adding the step of rinsing in Kangen 11.5pH water is especially helpful. Also when ever I use scrambled eggs, I thin with a touch of Kangen 9.5pH water to break down the yokes. It makes them less sticky and easier to digest. Hopefully that means less clogging of the arteries! Kangen water really makes a HUGE difference!






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