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September 2006

12 News anchor and Girlfriends Getaway program moderator Lin Sue Cooney, left, with Rhonda Forsyth, CEO, John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital.
 Getaway with Girlfriends is Healthy!

Buddy Check 12 Girlfriends Getaway
    Breast cancer survivor, activist and hospital CEO Rhonda Forsyth, 12 News anchor Lin Sue Cooney and T-Gen breast cancer researcher Heather Cunliffe, PhD, headlined the inaugural session of what is slated to become an annual smash hit event for women and their best friends – the Buddy Check 12 Girlfriends Getaway.
Heather Cunliffe, PhD, left, head of the Breast & Ovarian Cancer Research Lab at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (T-Gen), with breast cancer survivor Rhonda Forsyth, CEO, John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital.
    The weekend event  interspersed health education from North Mountain vice president Cathy Lindstrom, PhD, T-Gen research leader Heather Cunliffe, PhD, and a John C. Lincoln panel with frivolous activities designed to help best friends relax and bond. It was sponsored by  John C. Lincoln Hospitals, Fry’s Food Stores, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KPNX-TV Channel 12.
    The overnight event for best friends at Scottsdale’s Hotel Valley Ho drew women from all parts of the Valley, from all age groups and all demographics.  Many attending the event to raise women’s awareness of the ways they can protect themselves from breast cancer were breast cancer survivors themselves, or close relatives or friends of breast cancer survivors.
    The program was uniquely designed to cater to the interests of the group whom John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital CEO Rhonda Forsyth called “Soldiers in the Battle.”  Noting she was still “tender from my recent diagnosis with breast cancer,” Rhonda told the group “I feel it is my mission to educate women to fight this disease. As women, as health care providers, we can’t be complacent.”
Breast surgeon Brenda Moorthy, DO, left, and fellow John C. Lincoln panel member Rhonda Forsyth, CEO, John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital.  Other breast cancer health information panel members from John C. Lincoln Hospitals (not pictured) were oncologist Linda Benaderet, DO, and plastic and reconstructive surgeon Pablo Prichard, MD.
    In a balanced mixture of fun and frivolity on one hand and serious education on the other, Girlfriends Getaway participants pampered themselves.  Attendees enjoyed gifts, special spa rates, discounts on hotel rooms, poolside cabanas and more. Learned about the stress-busting health value of girl talk from John C. Lincoln vice president and psychologist Catherine Lindstrom.  Heard about the latest genetic research on causes of and potential protections against breast cancer from Heather Cunliffe, PhD, head of the Breast Cancer Research Unit and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (T-Gen). Quizzed a John C. Lincoln Hospitals panel which included Mrs. Forsyth, oncologist Linda Benaderet, DO, breast surgeon Brenda Moorthy, DO, and reconstructive surgeon Pablo Prichard, MD. Surprised themselves with what they know – and don’t know – about their friends. Saw dream clothes from Coldwater Creek modeled with style and panache by real women and friends with heartwarming survival stories.
     Women who’d like to be invited to Girlfriends Getaway in 2007 can make sure they’re on the list by calling John C. Lincoln, 602-870-6309, or signing up for Buddy Check 12 at .  Buddy Check 12 provides a monthly telephoned reminder or email with a wide variety of fun and free incentives to women to check themselves for breast cancer and to get their annual mammograms.

Rhonda Forsyth Elected to Phoenix Boys Choir Board
    Rhonda Forsyth, CEO of John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital, Phoenix, has been elected to the Board of Directors for the 215-member Phoenix Boys Choir, an internationally-acclaimed musical performance and education organization for boys aged 7-14.
    Explaining her interest and commitment, Forsyth said, “The Boys Choir is a unique organization that provides Phoenix, and the world, a classic artistic, historic and cultural resource that truly enriches our community.
    “Further,” she said, “as the mother of a former Boys Choir member, I have personally seen the wonderful results that come from the discipline and development of talent for the individual choir members. This learning process, combined with the experience of performing before really large audiences around the world, creates self-confidence and self-esteem that is the basis for success throughout life.”
    “We are thrilled Rhonda agreed to work with us as part of our leadership,” said Debra Larson, Board Chairman for the Phoenix Boys Choir.  “From the inside out, she has intimate knowledge of the aesthetic and cultural values of the choir, to the boys who perform, as well as to their audiences  because she is the mom of a former choir member.
    “More than that,” adds Larson, who is Area Director the business development and staff/management training firm Franklin Covey, “Rhonda’s acumen as an executive of a not-for-profit organization gives us the benefit of her invaluable fiduciary guidance and management skills.  That, combined with her enthusiasm for our mission, makes her invaluable to us.”
    Phoenix Boys Choir board members are responsible for fiduciary oversight of choir operations, for setting policy governing choir activities, and for communicating within their individual spheres of influence to promote audience interest in choir performances and support fundraising campaigns.
    Forsyth was elected by a majority of the 24 members of the board. She was recruited and nominated by Larson, a fellow Boys Choir member mom.
    Founded in 1948, the Arizona-based Phoenix Boys Choir won a Grammy for Best Choral Performance in February 2000. Previously under the direction of Dr. Harvey K. Smith, who led the choir for forty years, the choir has been under the baton of Georg Stangelberger since 1999.
    Each season, 40 to 50 singers from the Phoenix Boys Choir are selected for membership in the organization’s elite Tour Choir, which performs for audiences around the world. The Phoenix Boys Choir has performed for four United States Presidents and with name entertainers such as Doc Severinsen,  Stevie Wonder, Dinah Shore and Keith Lockhart conducting the Boston Pops Orchestra.

    In 2001, they were named “Cultural Ambassadors” to the European Union and in December 2002 were named an Honorary Phoenix Point of Pride by city Mayor Skip Rimza. For more information about the choir, visit .

Empty Bowls Project
The Empty Bowls Project, a community event held in thousands of cities throughout the world to raise awareness and funds to feed the hungry, will be held Friday, October 20th, from 11a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the town center of Carefree at Easy Street and Hum Drive.
The Empty Bowls Project invites the community to choose an artist made bowl, have lunch ~ donated by Carefree Resort and Villas ~ served in the bowl, and keep the bowl as a reminder that there are always some whose bowls are empty every day.  A minimum donation of $10 for the lunch is requested. All the bowls are made by Sonoran Arts League members and the art for a silent auction is donated by members. Proceeds benefit the Foothills Food Bank and Resource Center. Call (480) 488-6070 for information.



In the Blink of an Eye
a Journey from the Top to Rock Bottom and Back Again
By Robert Blomberg as told to Cathy Marley
The last thing I remember of that crisp February morning in 2001 was polishing off a couple of early morning beers, climbing on my ATV and heading out into the Arizona desert behind my home.  To this day, I don’t remember the accident that almost killed me, nor can I recall how I got out of the desert.  Apparently the ATV had rolled and ended up on top of me.  Fortunately someone found me there.  I believe that person was more than just a Good Samaritan; they were an angel sent by God.  Without their help, I would surely have died from my injuries.  In the years that followed, there were many days I wished I had.
    When I finally woke up from a coma 10 days later, I was in the ICU at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Phoenix.  My injuries were substantial.  I was completely immobile, with severe damage to my left elbow, wrist and hand.  By far the worst damage, however, was the head injury that left me comatose and unresponsive.  If only I had taken the care to wear a helmet!  For the next month, ICU and that bed were my home.  While I was there, the surgeons repaired the damage to my left arm, but little could be done to repair the damage to my poor bruised brain.  Slowly, with my brain lagging behind, my body began healing. 
    Still immobilized and in pain, I was eventually moved to the hospital room that became my world for the next six months.  Recovery was measured in tiny, tiny steps.  Being able to breathe room air without a ventilator.  Sitting up.  Standing without falling.  Attempting to feed myself and walk.  Gradually, I improved until the doctors felt I was stable enough to move to the Bryan Center for physical and mental therapy.  There, surrounded by some of the most depressing cases of mental illness in the state, another three months passed as I continued struggling to learn how to walk and talk again.
    Still slurring my speech and unable to walk properly, I was finally released just two weeks short of a year after that that fateful ATV outing.  But my life would never be the same.  Before the accident, I was living the American dream.  Married to the woman I believed to be my life mate, I lived in a spacious new home in one of the more affluent neighborhoods of Phoenix, Arizona.  A natural salesman, I had worked my way up to a lucrative position as an advertising sales manager.  And I had all the toys, including that ATV.
    But in the blink of an eye, the confident, successful, almost arrogant man who roared out into the desert that February morning was gone.  In his place were a broken body and an equally broken spirit.  I was 40 years old.  I no longer had a home.  It was lost along with the job and the wife whose commitment flew away with the rest of the dream.  To make things worse, I had no family and no real friends in Arizona. I entered the hospital as a successful professional, living the American dream.  A year later, I left rehab as a homeless person with multiple physical and mental problems.  I had joined the ranks of the permanently disabled.
    Living on my own in my condition was out of the question.  My only choice was to move into a group home where I stayed for three months as I grew healthy and strong enough to live alone.  I began learning what it was going to take to live with the lifetime consequences of my accident. You see, bouts of dizziness, instability, depression and muddled thinking are legacies of irreversible brain damage­ and my new elbow and wrist are permanently fused.  Thankfully, small disability checks were enough to pay rent for a tiny, one bedroom apartment. In time, I even regained enough balance to be able to drive a car again.
    Over the next year, my only human contact was a nurse who came each day to administer my IV. Other than the nurse’s visits, I was alone. As I became more depressed, I began eating everything in sight, with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream topping the list.  That “Ben & Jerry’s Year” ballooned me into an obese body with an extremely depressed human being inside. But the true me was still there.  The focused person I once was still lived somewhere inside that damaged body and brain.  At 280 pounds and sporting a hefty 40% body fat, I woke up one day and realized I was killing myself as surely as if I had stayed out there on the desert.  I decided to turn my life around.
    Under the guidance of a friend, John Bartlett (, who is a personal trainer, I started exercising. When he told me to do something, I did it – 100%.  I ate what he told me to eat and nothing more.  No cheating.  When he said do cardio work for an hour a day, I did two.  When he gave me an exercise regimen to follow, I did it with no questions asked.  And it has paid off.  In two years, I eliminated 100 pounds of my Ben and Jerry’s Year and now have my body fat under 10%.
    I still can’t walk without risking losing my balance.  That’s permanent.  I live every day with pain, dizziness and nausea.  I’m pretty sure that’s permanent too.  My new plastic elbow is virtually useless, leaving me with severely limited range of motion in that arm.  Taken as a whole, my injuries make it difficult to exercise correctly by working every muscle group, but I have adapted and have somehow managed to do it anyway.  Despite the physical limitations, I have even obtained certification as a personal trainer. 
    I would like to believe I can be an inspiration for those who are battling their own demons, whether they are physical, mental, or financial. I know I survived my accident for a reason.  Going from the pinnacle of success to complete ruin has been incredibly humbling.  But I will survive this and I know I will be a stronger, better person for having conquered the obstacles that jumped into my life the day I rolled that ATV.  My path changed, literally in the blink of an eye.  There is no question the accident was life altering.  I can only hope my experience will change more lives than just my own.  I’m living proof that with God’s help and perseverance, people can overcome huge obstacles if they set their mind to it.  That is a priceless gift.

Electric Ladyland Brings Hottest Trends
In Fashion To The Masses With A Westcor Partnership

Fashion Boutique Expands To Valley’s Biggest Malls
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Electric Ladyland, one of the leading fashion boutiques in the Valley broadens its scope with two new locations at Scottsdale Fashion Square and Chandler Fashion Center. What started as a dream is now a reality for owners Penny Long and her son Ashley, who began Electric Ladyland in fall 2002. The brand has now taken on a fabulous life of its own, resulting in a partnership with the Westcor brand. By the end of fall 2006, Electric Ladyland will call two of the Valley’s biggest malls home.
“Fashion has always been an important part of my life,” said Owner Penny Long. “Ashley and I have always looked for ways to express ourselves through fashion; Electric Ladyland entices people to have fun with their style and not necessarily play by the rules.”

Electric Ladyland will open its fourth location in September to the fashion hungry at Chandler Fashion Center, followed closely by the boutique’s fifth location at Scottsdale Fashion Square opening October 2006. Each location will continue to offer exclusive labels such as Thomas Wylde, McQ by Alexander McQueen, Life & Death and Calleen Cordero. The boutique competes with other big-box retail chains by offering just as many locations while maintaining exclusivity with brand offerings ranging from denim to accessories.
With this type of mindset, Electric Ladyland has remained one of the most successful and well-known boutiques around the nation. After four years of business, the mother-son duo has made its mark in the fashion world, participating in some of the biggest shows and expos around the country. Within the industry, Electric Ladyland’s profile has reached new heights with major attention placed on the boutique’s fashion-forward, playful and interactive Web site,
Penny and Ashley, both originally from Los Angeles have always been fashion enthusiasts, with clothing and expression playing a key role in their lives. While in California, Penny worked at the first House of Chanel in Beverly Hills, increasing her awareness of trends in the fashion world. In 1998 Penny relocated to Arizona and in conversation, Ashley suggested his mother occupy her time with what she loves most – fashion. The small suggestion turned into a flourishing business, which quickly lead to Ashley’s move to
Scottsdale in 2001 and a second Electric Ladyland location in 2005.
For more information on Electric Ladyland please visit their Web site at

CARE CARD: Save Big On Shopping For Your Pet While Giving Back  
    Everyone who loves to spoil his or her beloved pets will appreciate the 2006 Care Card program. Presented by The Junior League of Phoenix, in coordination with the Board of Visitors, the Care Card program gives shoppers a 20 percent discount at participating retailers from October 27th through November 5th.
    If you’re a pet parent, then you already know the best places around the Valley to shop for your furry loved ones. With the Care Card program, you will be able to save 20 percent on the pet accessories and treats you have been coveting at your favorite stores. The retailers participating include:  Mackie’s Parlour – A Pet Boutique, Three Dog Bakery, Canine Divine, Smelly Dog – Dog Wash and Grooming, The Barkery Etc., Indian Bend Animal Hospital, along with many of the places you love to shop for your favorite four legged friends.
    In addition to retailers specializing in pet product, other general retailers participating in the Care Card program include:  Gucci, Kate Spade, Optica, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Nine West, Camelback Inn and Spa, Bacchus Wine Made Simple, along with many Valley-area restaurants and more. This is not only a great opportunity to save big while stocking up for furry little friends, but it is also a great way to get a head start on your holiday and birthday present shopping as well.
    “This is truly a win-win for everyone,” said Keri Van Vleet, co-chair of The Junior League of Phoenix Care Card committee. “You receive a significant discount on your purchases from some of the Valley’s most distinguished and popular retailers, while at the same time helping some very worthy causes. Whether you are shopping for your family pet, pampering yourself or starting early on holiday shopping, the Care Card delivers tremendous value.” For a $50 donation, individuals may purchase a Care Card by visiting or calling The Junior League of Phoenix at 602-234-3388.
    The best part of this once a year opportunity is one hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to The Junior League of Phoenix community programs such as the Ryan House, the Southwest’s first freestanding children’s palliative care house, providing comfort and care for children with life limiting conditions. Other Junior League of Phoenix programs that will also benefit from Care Card proceeds include:

  • Hearts and Hands Days—family volunteer events in conjunction with The Society of St. Vincent DePaul.

  • AWEE’s Women Living Free –transition assistance for incarcerated and newly released women through education and mentoring.

  • Children’s Museum of Phoenix—hands-on exhibits and educational programs to engage the minds of children and their families.

  • Journey of Me—along with partner Arizonans for Children, capture and document the life history of foster children in the form of “Life Books.”

  • Fast Break—organization of activities for foster children that encourage the love of books and reading in partnership with Aid to Adoption of Special Kids.

  • The Junior League of Phoenix, Incorporated, is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Chartered in 1935, The Junior League of Phoenix is a non-profit organization that has invested millions in the community and contributes over 100,000 skilled volunteer hours annually.
    So do not miss your opportunity to save like never before. For more information about the Care Card program and The Junior League of Phoenix, visit  or call 602-234-3388.

The Russians Seasons Dance Company Coming To Phoenix
    On Saturday, October 28th at 8:00 pm the Russian Seasons Dance Company under the direction of Nikolai Androsov since 1991 will be performed at the Orpheum Theatre located at 203 West Adams.
     A Celebration Of World Dance program takes audiences on a journey through the folk dances of many nations, from the athletic hopek of Russia and the wild energy of Gypsy to the passionate flamenco of Spain and the tangos of Argentina. Some of the dances are: Russian Suite, Ukrainian Dance, Petroushka, Serbian Dance, Austrian Dance, Jewish Dance, and the Scottish Dance. This is a breathtaking display of dance pyrotechnics by the Moeseyev-trained company, the only one of its kind in the world.

    Tickets prices are $28.00 & $24.00 with discounts for seniors, children and students. Tickets are available at the Orpheum Theatre Box Office by calling 602-262-7272, online at  or also by calling 480-784-4444.

Learn to Paint Icons Workshop            
Jim Obermeyer will be conducting a workshop to teach the ancient byzantine art of Iconography. Learn how to paint Holy Icons. This is for novices and advanced, in fact no art experience is even necessary, just the desire to learn and the time to attend the classes.
It will go for four Saturdays, October 22nd & 29th, and November 5th & 12th, from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM each Saturday. There will be a maximum of 20 in each class. The classes will be held at St. Albans Parish Hall on Pinnacle Peak and 86th Avenue.
Jim Obermeyer has been an artist for many years with his paintings being sold in numerous art galleries in southern California. He has had numerous showings and has been writing(painting) icons for a number of years. His icons reflect both Byzantine and Russian styles. They grace numerous churches, cathedrals and are being used in various media from television (EWTN) to major conferences. These workshops are in the egg tempera tradition, the most ancient. For more information on cost and reservation call: (623) 853-6030

Putting A Face on Childhood Cancer    
    Forget the logo sweatshirt or that new i-pod, Friends of Allie (FOA), a national Light the Night® Walk Team raising funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, hope to claim a bigger prize at the end of 2006. They have a chance to place the group’s name on a pediatric cancer research grant. The team must raise $100,000 to receive the Society’s grant-naming opportunity, but they don’t plan to stop there. The national goal for this team of more than 1,600 walkers is $312,000, an amount that would bring its total for three Light The Night Walks seasons to more than $1 million, all raised in just over two years.
FOA has raised over $688,300 in just 15 months to support the Society’s mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Renee Kelley Rubio, local team captain, is thrilled to have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families. Light The Night will be held September 29th at Reid Park, Ramada #7, at 7:00 p.m.
     “The Grant Naming Opportunity means 100% of the funds raised by the Friends of Allie goes directly to pediatric blood cancer research,” says Renee Rubio, “And that is going to help my grandson, who has ALL as well as children not yet afflicted with leukemia.”
After reviewing several researchers and grant options from the Society, FOA selected Joseph Wiemels, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, as a grantee for his research in the area of childhood leukemia. “We are trying to answer the question: what causes childhood leukemia?” declares Dr. Wiemels. For each $100,000 raised, the team will have Dr. Wiemels grant named in its honor for up to three years total. Dr. Wiemels grant is made under the Society’s Career Development Program (CDP), which funds talented researchers at different points in their developing careers.
   Dr. Wiemels project summary states: "Leukemia is the most common cancer in childhood. Despite many advances in the treatment of childhood leukemia, the disease remains a tragic circumstance in suffering and mortality. The advances in treatment are not matched by advances in discovering the cause or means to prevent the disease. Leukemia is associated with genetic changes in certain types of blood cells… However, we have very little information about the genetic changes that occur after birth and how these changes ultimately cause leukemia.”
FOA has several events and announcements planned in the months leading up to the 2006 LTN event, including an Awareness Day slated for Saturday, September 9th and local fundraising drives. More information on these activities will be shared as plans become finalized. To walk with or sponsor FOA, please contact Renee Kelley Rubio at . Inquiries to locate a local FOA team may be emailed to Lynette at

 About Friends of Allie
FOA is the largest national Friends and Family Team for Light The Night Walk. Motivated by the plight of Allie and other children battling blood cancers like her, a grassroots movement emerged shortly after Allie’s passing, resulting in the formation of FOA and its unprecedented fundraising efforts for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. FOA enlarged its scope to include affiliate teams—both corporate and Friends and Family teams—who share their passion for finding a cure for pediatric blood cancers and making a difference in the lives of families stricken by pediatric blood cancer. For more information, please visit: .    

About Light The Night Walk
Light The Night Walk is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's nationwide annual evening fundraising walk, held each fall to celebrate and commemorate people whose lives have been touched by cancer. Proceeds from the Walk advance the Society's efforts to find cures for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma, and to provide education and services for patients with these diseases and their families. Participants walk a short distance, carrying lighted balloons—white for survivors and red for supporters. Dedication banners provide an opportunity to display a name or message, honoring or commemorating a family member or friend with cancer.
Light The Night is open to all—it does not require a particular level of fitness. In 2005, thousands of people in approximately 250 communities in the United States and Canada participated in a Light The Night Walk event, raising nearly $26 million for research and patient services. For more information, please visit:

Jarvis Rockwell’s Maya II  Calls Scottsdale Home
Artist in Residence Shares His Dimensional Storybook

Celebrated artist, Jarvis Rockwell brings Maya II to Scottsdale, where themes of mythology, pop-culture, stereotypes and beyond are explored. The installation, commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art is an impressive 14 foot tall pyramid displaying 31 tiers of collected action figures, super heroes, villains and more and will be on display November 1st  through April 1st 2007. Inspired by the Hindu temples in India, each figure possesses an underlying, thought-provoking story.

Maya II
will be on display at the Atrium in Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts located at 7380 East Second Street, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251. For more information call (480) 247-8090.


Notes of News

Soroptimist Spaghetti Dinner
29th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

presented by the Soroptimist of Saguaro Foothills

  • Event takes place on Tuesday, October 10 from 5 to 9 PM

  • at Harold's Corral Restaurant

  • 6895 E. Cave Creek Road

  • Cave Creek, Arizona

  • Cost of ticket is $10.00

  • Children under 5 free with paid adult ticket

  • Great family fun

  • raffle prizes

  • silent auction

The proceeds from this event help women in crisis and children in need.  Our major project is backpacks for needy children, scholarships for women going back to school, girls sports programs, self-esteem workshops for school children, helping women in war torn countries such as Bosnia, Afghanistan, Rhwanda.  And  And many other projects that help women and children

Soroptimist are a group of professional women that give service to the community, specifically women and children.  If interested in joining call Pam DiPietro at 602-284-3483.

Calling all east Valley Residents
Walk to Fight Arthritis!

    The Arthritis Foundation is seeking walkers to participate in the Arthritis Walk on October 28th, 2006 at the Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital (4620 E. Baseline Road, Mesa, AZ 85206.) The Arthritis Walk is the Arthritis Foundation’s signature event that takes place in communities nationwide each year to raise funds and awareness to fight arthritis, the nation’s number one cause of disability. Participants often walk in honor of a friend or family member with arthritis. Those with arthritis wear blue hats to signify their action in taking control of their condition. To participate in the Arthritis Walk, volunteer, or to form a team, visit or call the Arthritis Foundation at 602-212-9900.

 Ballet Arizona presents “Ballet Under the Stars”
FREE community performances to include excerpts from Ballet Arizona, proud recipient of Phoenix Magazine’s “Best of the Valley” Award and “Arts Organization of the Year”, opens the 2006-07 season with the ever popular sunset performance series “Ballet Under the Stars”. Held September 21-23 and 28-30 at six different locations throughout the Valley, these free community performances are a special gift to the citizens of the Valley for supporting the Company each season. “Raymonda” as well as original choreography by Artistic Director Ib Andersen.Ballet Arizona continually strives to bring the best of both classical and contemporary ballet to Arizona audiences.  The Ballet is proud to present a variety of exceptional works, including excerpts from Raymonda, George Balanchine’s breathtaking Serenade, as well as excerpts from the opera     Carmen with original choreography by renowned Artistic Director Ib Andersen.

Dates and times for the 2006 “Ballet Under the Stars” are:

  • Thursday, September 21 at 7 p.m. in Glendale at Historic Sahuaro Ranch Park

  • Friday, September 22 at 7 p.m. in Tempe at Tempe Beach Park

  • Saturday, September 23 at 7 p.m. in Phoenix at Steele Indian School Park

  • Thursday, September 28 at 7 p.m. in Fountain Hills at Fountain Park

  • Friday, September 29 at 7 p.m. in Ahwatukee at Desert Foothills Park

  • Saturday, September 30 at 7 p.m. in Goodyear at Estrella Mountain Ranch’s lakeside amphitheater

   Select “Ballet Under the Stars” performances will also feature “Class Act” program participants.  The “Class Act” program combines the expertise of the Company’s professional dancers with the creative ideas of local upper-elementary students. The dancers and School of Ballet Arizona faculty work with the students to create and choreograph new works set to music and the students perform their new works as part of the evening’s program.
    KBAQ/KJZZ on-air personalities Janine Miller, Tim O’Donnell, and Katrina Becker will also participate in the evening’s festivities.  

    The Arizona Cardinals Football Club along with National Football League Charities have launched the 2006 “Student All-Star” program.  The program offers individual grants up to $300 for elementary and junior high students to complete a community service project in their area. The program, designed to promote volunteerism among youth, is open to all Arizona students ages 13 and under.

    All applicants are required to partner with a non-profit organization in order to complete their project. Each of the individuals honored display a commitment to improving the communities in which they live.
    Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Nominations currently are being accepted by contacting Sheldon Meeks at 602/379-0101 or by logging on the Cardinals website Nominations must be submitted by November 9th. For more information, contact Sheldon Meeks in the Cardinals community relations department (602/379-0101).

Agreement Provides Fans with Faster & More Convenient Payments
    The Arizona Cardinals Football Club and MasterCard Worldwide today announced a partnership that includes the rollout of the MasterCard® PayPass™ contactless payment system at the new Cardinals Stadium. As the official card of the Arizona Cardinals and Cardinals Stadium, fans using their Cardinals Extra Points MasterCard with PayPass will now be able to just “Tap & Go™” at concession stands, in addition to earning points for great Cardinals Rewards.
    PayPass is a new contactless payment feature that speeds fans through their purchases.  With PayPass, fans spend less time in line and more time enjoying the game. Fans simply tap their PayPass-enabled card or device on a special PayPass terminal, eliminating the need to fumble for cash and coins, hand their card over to a clerk or swipe a card.  In addition to Cardinals Stadium, PayPass technology can also be used at participating local merchants such as McDonald’s, CVS and 7-Eleven.
    “We believe that going to a Cardinals game should not be about waiting on line to pay for concessions, but should instead be about watching the action on the field.  That’s why PayPass is ideally suited for stadiums,” said Tom Murphy, VP Sponsorships MasterCard Worldwide.  “Fans deserve a quicker and more convenient way to make their purchases and return to their seats without missing a play. PayPass provides that.”
    As a partner, MasterCard will have category exclusive use of the Arizona Cardinals logo and trademarks for marketing, advertising, and promotional initiatives. Other elements involve video board and in-stadium signage, in-game promotions, corporate hospitality opportunities, media inventory associated with Cardinals radio and television broadcasts, a presence within Cardinals publications and official website, and involvement with Cardinals Charities.

Charity Event: "Carats for Caring"
On Sunday December 31st For Those Without a Voice will host“ Carats for Caring." "Carats for Caring" is benefiting West Valley Child Crisis Center and Southwest Wildlife.
"Carats for Caring" will be held at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel, at 2620 W. Dunlap, Ave., Phoenix.  This great event will start with cocktail hour at 7pm, dinner will be at 8 pm with the champagne toast at 12 midnight.
There will be dancing, live music, and comedy performance, plus a two-carat diamond giveaway. Admission includes hotel room.  Must be 21 or older to attend. For more information contact Foundation For Those Without a Voice, at 602-776-0700, or by mail 1430 E. Missouri Avenue, Suite 113, Phoenix, AZ  85014. You can also check out

Barrett-Jackson Sets Dates for Car Auction
    The 36th installment of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, one of Scottsdale's top tourist draws, will run Jan. 13th-21st at WestWorld. Many details about the featured cars and specific events still are in the works.
    The Family Values Day will be Jan. 15th, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, auction spokeswoman Jennifer Ziegler said. Family day, which debuted this year on a Sunday, features discounted general admission tickets to see the displayed auction vehicles, automobilia vendor booths and other exhibits.
    The celebrity gala benefiting Childhelp USA, an abuse prevention and treatment organization, will be Jan. 13th. Car auctions, with no reserve, run Tuesday through Sunday. More than $100 million in cars were sold at the January event that drew about 225,000. 

School Awaits Cost to Move Power lines
Cave Creek Unified School District officials may soon know the cost of moving high-voltage power lines away from the new Sonoran Trails Middle School. Kent Frison, the district's operations and finance director, said he expects to be contacted next week by officials of the Western Area Power Administration, the federal agency that oversees the power lines.
    The agency's estimates have been as high as $2 million to move the 59-year-old power lines near the school, which opens today at 56th Street and Pinnacle Vista Drive.
    Frison said the money to move the lines will come from a district contingency fund and will not affect school expenditures. The controversy over the lines arose early this year, when Rees Candee, a parent of two students at the new school, warned Cave Creek School Board members that emissions from the lines could cause brain cancer, leukemia and other ailments.
    Although board members say they can't be sure there is a connection between the diseases and the lines, they agreed to do studies and consider moving them.


Win Six Months of Free Car Washes!    
  United Blood Services, Arizona’s largest non-profit community blood provider, has partnered with Weiss Guys Car Wash to save lives this month.  Donors who give blood at any United Blood Services location in September can enter to win a six-month car wash pass.  Ten winning names will be drawn - five from among United Blood Services donor centers and five from those who donate at any organization-sponsored blood drive across the state.
    Weiss Guys are nice guys…and they have proven their company motto true with their support of the community blood program.  Having operated car washes in the state for nearly 50 years, Arizona has become more than just a place to do business.  “Because Arizona is home to the family of Weiss Guys employees and customers, keeping an abundant blood supply available is important to us,” said John Cornett, Regional Manager for Weiss Guys in Arizona.  “We are anxious to reach out into the community in new ways, especially when it gives us the opportunity to help save lives,” he concluded.
    By partnering with Arizona-based businesses like Weiss Guys Car Wash, United Blood Services strives to make it even more rewarding to give blood.  According to Audrey Gietzen, Executive Director for United Blood Services/Arizona, it’s important for blood donors to know how important they are in the recovery of patients and just how much they are appreciated.  “Thousands of Arizona patients are counting on all of us to provide the gift of life,” she said.  “We need more community-minded organizations like Weiss Guys Car Wash to help us thank the donors who provide lifesaving transfusions,” Gietzen added.
Give blood at any United Blood Services donor center or blood drive during the month of September and enter to win one of ten Weiss Guys six-month car wash passes.  To schedule a donation appointment, call 1-877-448-GIVE (4483) toll free or visit Give blood.  Be a hero.

Valley Donor Centers
Days & hours vary.  Appointments Recommended.

  • Chandler 1987 W. Elliot Rd., #33 (Elliot & Dobson)

  • Glendale 18583 N. 59th Ave. (59th Ave. & Union Hills)

  • Mesa 1337 S. Gilbert Rd., #101 (Gilbert & Hampton)

  • Phoenix 5757 N. Black Canyon Hwy. (I-17 & Bethany Home Rd.)

  • Phoenix 3227 E. Bell Rd., #D-270 (Bell & 32nd St.)

  • Phoenix 2929 N. 75th Ave., #5 (75th Ave. & Thomas)

  • Scottsdale 1405 N. Hayden Rd. (Hayden & McDowell)

  • Scottsdale 15170 N. Hayden Rd., #6 (Hayden & 83rd Pl.)

United Blood Services has been Arizona’s non-profit community blood provider since 1943 and serves patients in 54 Arizona hospitals. The UBS network is one of the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit blood service organizations, and is a founding member of America’s Blood Centers and the American Association of Blood Banks.  For more information on how to “Be a Hero,” please call 1-877-448-GIVE (4483) or visit .
    Weiss Guys Car Wash is owned by Mace, which has been known as a leading manufacturer of security products since the 1980s.  Four cousins founded the Weiss Guys in Phoenix in 1961.  The chain provides a complete line of full service car washes with 12 locations Valley-wide: Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix and Tempe.  For more information, visit .

State Reappraising Land Before Auction Begins
    After a high-profile Phoenix land auction failed to draw bidders this week, the Arizona State Land Department is reappraising another potentially lucrative property in Fountain Hills. Advertisement. The 1,312 acres in Fountain Hills is valued at $130 million. Land Commissioner Mark Winkleman said Wednesday that an appraiser will decide within a month if that valuation still is appropriate, based on the Valley's sluggish housing market.
    Meanwhile, the Fountain Hills auction remains scheduled for Sept. 28th. Tuesday's auction of 325 acres in north Phoenix's Desert Ridge was appraised at $150 million. That auction is rescheduled for Sept. 28th.

Banquet Honors Teens, Largest Statewide Donor Group
    United Blood Services, Arizona’s largest non-profit community blood provider, today announced that more than 200 high school students will be honored for outstanding contributions to the community blood program. Students from among 120 high schools across the state gathered on September 12th at the High School Blood Drive Challenge Awards Luncheon to celebrate their accomplishments. The program was established more than 20 years ago to recognize excellence among student blood drive organizers and to inspire Arizona’s youth to create a lifelong pattern of donating blood.
    During the 2005-06 school-year, high school blood drives provided Arizona patients with 14,375 lifesaving transfusions, more than from any other donor group in the state. The top two winners in the High School Blood Drive Challenge were Seligman (Seligman, AZ) with 424 participation and Mingus Union (Cottonwood, AZ) with 561 blood donations. In all, 66 schools will be presented awards for their outstanding contributions. According to Audrey Gietzen, Executive Director for United Blood Services/Arizona, high school students have become leaders in building the state’s blood supply. “One out of every thirteen blood transfusions required by an Arizona hospital patient last year was provided donors at high school blood drives,” she said.
    A new Spirit of Giving Scholarship will be announced by Mrs. Arizona International 2006 at the awards banquet.  Having chosen United Blood Services as the platform during her reign, Kelly Kubicki donated the $1,000 annual scholarship.  It is designed to encourage and reward a high school blood drive committee member for their efforts in stimulating awareness in the community blood program.
    Derrick Hall, Executive Vice President of the Arizona Diamondbacks was the keynote speaker to launch the 2006-07 High School Blood Drive Challenge program.  Thanks to nearly 150 blood donors, Phoenix Police Officer Rob Sitek will also tell the students his dramatic story of how people’s lives can change in a split second.  Sitek is thankful for the blood donors who saved his life, which included a parent and the principal from Bourgade Catholic High School.

    The Arizona Cardinals Football Club today announced that the team has released the following 20 players: running back Damien Anderson, tackle Jeremy Bridges, fullback John Bronson, linebacker Mark Brown, defensive tackle Tim Bulman, cornerback Dyshod Carter, tight end Eric Edwards, safety Chris Harrell, fullback James Hodgins, wide receiver Carlyle Holiday, cornerback Darrell Hunter, linebacker Isaac Keys, defensive end Tyler King, wide receiver Greg Lee, center Shawn Lynch, safety Jay McCareins, tackle Alan Reuber, wide receiver Micheal Spurlock, wide receiver Todd Watkins, and cornerback Justin Wyatt.
    The team has also placed safety Jack Brewer (shoulder) on injured reserve while linebacker Lance Mitchell (ankle) was waived with injury, meaning he could revert to injured reserve.
    In addition, defensive end Anton Palepoi (shoulder) and defensive end Kenny King (hand) have both reached injury settlements with the team.
    Today¹s moves put the Cardinals at the 53-man roster limit, which all clubs are required to reach by this afternoon. 
    The Arizona Cardinals Football Club today announced that the team has been awarded its waiver claims on safety Hanik Milligan (San Diego) and cornerback Matt Ware (Philadelphia). Each was released by their respective teams yesterday when rosters were trimmed to 53.
    To make room on the roster, the team has released cornerback Lamont Reid and placed wide receiver LeRon McCoy (thumb) on injured reserve.
    Milligan (6-3, 200) appeared in all 16 games last season for the Chargers and led the team with 21 special teams tackle en route to his first Pro Bowl selection as a special teams player. Originally drafted by San Diego in the sixth round of the 2003 NFL Draft (188th overall) out of Houston, Milligan appeared in 30 games with the Chargers over the past three seasons collecting 36 special teams tackles. Last year, he became the first San Diego special teams player to ever be selected to the Pro Bowl.
    Ware (6-2, 210) appeared in all 16 games last season for the Eagles contributing 15 tackles (11 solos) and 17 special teams tackles. Originally drafted by Philadelphia in the third round of the 2004 NFL Draft (89th overall) out of UCLA, Ware appeared in 28 games in his first two seasons in the NFL collecting 26 tackles (14 solos) and 32 special teams tackles. He provided the Eagles with one of the their most memorable plays last season when he returned a blocked field goal 65 yards for the game winning points in a victory over San Diego.  
    In addition, the Cardinals have signed fullback John Bronson, wide receiver Carlyle Holiday, cornerback Darrell Hunter, center Shawn Lynch, wide receiver Micheal Spurlock, wide receiver Todd Watkins, and cornerback Justin Wyatt to the practice squad.
    The Arizona Cardinals Football Club today announced that the team has signed veteran guard Chris Liwienski, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings. To make room on the roster, safety Ernest Shazor (toe) was released with an injury settlement.
    Liwienski (6-5, 325) comes to the Cardinals after appearing in 15 games (nine starts at left guard) last season for Minnesota. Originally signed as an undrafted rookie free agent out of Indiana in 1999, Liwienski has appeared in 94 regular season games with 74 starts during his NFL career. He had a streak of 75 consecutive starts (including postseason) broken last season at Green Bay when he was a game-day inactive. The eight-year veteran has played three different positions (right tackle, left guard, and right guard) during his career.
    Liwienski was released by the Vikings in their final roster cut on September 2. He will wear #63. In addition, the Cardinals have also signed quarterback Shane Boyd to the practice squad. Boyd (6-1, 232) spent the 2006 training camp with the Pittsburgh Steelers and was released in the team¹s final cut on September 2.
    Originally signed as an undrafted rookie free agent by Tennessee in 2005 out of Kentucky, Boyd was released prior to the 2005 regular season by the Titans and was out of football last year. He signed with Pittsburgh in February, 2006 and was allocated to NFL Europe with the Cologne Centurions where he completed 100 of 185 passes for 1,139 yards and five touchdowns.


Cool Stuff


Backyard Golf Greens  
    Arizona basketball courts, Phoenix basketball courts built by Rhino Sports, Inc. are putting smiles on kids' faces and creating some pretty serious players. In fact, throughout Arizona, golf greens, tennis courts, and batting cages by Rhino Sports are creating happy times and providing the platform for intense competition.Rhino Sports offers quality, affordable outdoor golf greens for your home, athletic facility, or special event, call 1-800-585-0922 for a no-obligation consultation by an authorized Rhino Sports dealer
   The passion and enthusiasm we have for the courts and court accessories we build and install has made Rhino Sports, Inc. the fastest-growing court manufacturer in the world. Because we want you to love your court as much as we do, we insist on quality, value, and unmatched customer service.
     You can find Rhino courts across the country-in backyards, parks, schools, and recreational centers, and at exciting fitness and entertainment events. More than 20 years of engineering experience, along with valuable insights from elite athletes, goes into everything we sell. Our commitment to innovation has led to the development of quality court surfaces that score extra points for durability, performance, and safety.

    We're headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and are as committed to living fun, active, and healthy lives as our clients are.  For more contact Arizona Rhino Contact the offices located in Phoenix, at Rhino Arizona Basketball Courts 7264 W. Cielo Grande Peoria, Arizona 85383 or call us today: 1-800-585-0922

 Unique Home Decor and Furniture
    Did you know that there are more than 100 million, old palm trees, and that after 85 years a coconut palm becomes non-fruit bearing? A coconut palm does not burn so the 100 million plus trees have been called the largest unusable resource on the planet. Pacific Green a furniture maker has now put to use this 'hard as stone' wood. They are an award winning eco sensible furniture manufacturer that is the acknowledge world leader in the processing of the coconut palm.
    You can find Pacific Green furniture at Exotic Home located at 15507 N. Scottsdale Rd., #110 Scottsdale.
Exotic Home provides exotic furniture, unique wood furniture, leather furniture, coconut palmwood furniture, exotic art, water walls, home decor and more. In their 8,000 square foot store you will find exotic and beautiful furniture and works of art including the larger than life carved Buddha, the life size hand carved horse with tack and real horse hair mane and tail. The most stunning are the life size giraffes that are carved by African Ndebele artisans in Zimbabwe. A portion of each giraffe sale goes directly to help improve the lives of these people. The one thing that you will not find chemicals of any kind. All the furniture is made with natural materials, no glues, lacquers, or stains. You can contact Jamie Michaels owner of Exotichome at 15507 N. Scottsdale Rd., at, or call 480-443-8100.

"RIDE FOR THE WALK"                
Cortland Parks is a Scottsdale/Rio Verde cowboy, well know in these parts as an active participant in charity projects for over 30 years. As a past Phoenix Jaycees Comancheros Rodeo Boss or any of the many other horse organizations he has been a part of over the years, Cort has a reputation for his "get it done right" ability to turn any endeavor into a great success. And he has been called on to head many projects. But to him, the project he tackles this fall has a very special meaning.

The "RIDE FOR THE WALK" a trail ride at Granite Mountain Saturday, October 21st, 2006 is a living tribute to his beautiful partner Robin Hilditch who passed away with cancer April 6th 2006.  The Ride proceeds will benefit The Breast Cancer 3-DAY 60 MILE WALK for The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. It's touted as "A first time event for those of us who support Cancer research, but don't want to walk 60 miles."

Cave Creek Outfitters at 31313 N. 144th Street, Rio Verde, Arizona, (Dynamite Road to 144th St. Turn North), will be the start and end point for the trail ride. Riders with their own horses start a beautiful 2-hour Trail Ride and "all the water you can drink" at 9:00AM. Entry donation is $25, and you are asked to collect donations from others with checks payable to "Breast Cancer 3-Day".

You can rent a horse and start the ride at 10:00AM. Horses are rented at Cave Creek Outfitters for $45 (Reserved by Oct.1st, 2006), plus the Trail Ride "Participating Rider" $25 entry donation.

If you would like to enjoy a great lunch and a limited edition commemorative T-shirt, become a "Sponsoring Rider" for $100. At Noon lunch is served and a Silent Auction begins with lots of wonderful items up for grabs. Remember the money all goes to the charity, so be generous! An afternoon trail ride for those who have rented horses will begin at 1:00PM. Pre-registration is highly recommended, so they don't run out of food or T -Shirts.

Rumors say there are going to be some exciting Celebrity Riders come out and join the "RIDE FOR THE WALK". What a thrill to ride along with the famous, enjoy lunch and hob nob with fellow cowboys and cowgirls all out to help the cause. The "Silent Auction " will bring lots of money for the "Breast Cancer 3-DAY WALK". They are actively seeking donations for the "Silent Auction" as well as participants. If you have any questions about the "RIDE FOR THE WALK" call Cortland Parks
at 480-250-2703.


Massage for The Cure” Provides
Free One-Hour Massages
to Benefit Breast Cancer Research

Schedule a massage for yourself and help others during the process.
On Monday, September 18,
all of the greater-Phoenix metro area Massage Envy® clinics will offer free one-hour therapeutic massages in partnership with the Phoenix Affiliate of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

All proceeds raised during the “Massage for The Cure” event will support breast cancer research initiatives through The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For a donation of any amount, Valley residents will receive a free therapeutic massage from any of the 16 Valley-wide Massage Envy locations. Each location will offer information about the fatal disease, which affects nearly 213,000 women each year.

Reservations for appointments, which will run from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., will be accepted beginning Monday, September 11, and it is recommended that visitors schedule early. Reservations can be made by contacting a participating Massage Envy clinic directly or calling 602-992-ENVY.  

 “Too many women have lived in fear of breast cancer for far too long,” said Massage Envy founder and CEO John Leonesio. “Our partnership with The Susan G. Komen Foundation will not only raise much needed dollars to fund mammograms and breast cancer research, but will also raise awareness about the importance of early detection and early treatment to offer the best chance of survival. We are proud to donate an entire day’s proceeds in honor of our employees who have been affected by breast cancer along with the Phoenix members of Massage Envy.” 

Last year, 16 Valley-wide Massage Envy locations participated in the one-day event which raised $41,000 – more than four times the original goal. To find a clinic near you or to book an appointment, please call 602-992-ENVY or log on to

Massage Envy® Limited, LLC is a national franchise of massage clinics dedicated to providing professional and affordable therapeutic massage services to consumers with busy lifestyles at convenient times and locations. Founded in 2002, Massage Envy is now a $9 million-a-year company with 109 operating clinics, and 344 franchises sold in 29 states.


September 11th: Arizona's 9-11 Memorial Dedication

9:11 am on 9-11. Join Governor Janet Napolitano, the Governor's 9-11 Memorial Commission, firefighters, police officers and citizens throughout the state, for a truly memorable experience: the unveiling and commemoration ceremonies of Arizona's 9-11 Memorial, marking the 5th anniversary of events that touched all of our lives. There will be a public tribute and a dedication of a special place to remember the horrific and heroic events of Sept. 11, 2001 to honor the memories and actions that we, as Arizonans, shared in that experience. Designed by Matt Salenger, Maria Salenger and Jones Studio Inc. Wesley Bolin Plaza, Phoenix, east of the Arizona State Capitol, near the USS Arizona.


September 14, 6:30 pm: Mayan Burial Practices

Emily Umberger, art history professor, Arizona State University, Tempe, discusses Mayan burial practices at Palenque, Mexico, highlighting Pacal and the Tomb of the Red Queen. Dr. Umberger is a specialist in pre-Columbian art as well as in Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic art of Latin America and Spain. In conjunction with Ricardo Mazal: La Tumba de la Reina Roja. Stage 2 Theater. Free event.

September 27, 6:30-8:30 pm:
Artist Open Portfolio Review

Don¹t miss this great opportunity to see the most current work of a number of local Arizona artists in an open portfolio review. Portfolio Review panelists include Lisa Greve, co-director, Bentley Projects, Phoenix, Joe Baker, curator, Heard Museum and Marilu Knode, SMoCA¹s senior curator. Stage 2 Theater. Free event.

September 14, 9:30 am Coffee for Prospective Museum Guides

Do you like new ideas and love art? Learn about contemporary art, meet stimulating people and make a difference in people¹s lives by becoming a SMoCA docent. Join us for an informative session for prospective Museum guides. Stage 2 Theater. Free event. RSVP to 480-874-4641.  

September 16 : Two New Exhibitions opening The Border Film Project / El Proyecto Fronterizo Fotogrįfico  southwestNET: painting

• NOW - September 17 Celebrating Arts of the West Valley West Valley Art Museum Just how many artists are living and working west of the 101? Judging by the 70 works in West Valley Art Museum’s exhibition, probably more than you might think. While this show may not have every artist in the West Valley represented, the number and quality of the works exhibited make for an impressive showing. Ceramic artists familiar to Valley residents such as Phyliss Stringer and the husband/wife team of Janet Trisler and George Palovich (TriPal Arts) are present. Interestingly, the couple also show an extension of their media with Trisler exhibiting a large hand-pulled silk screen print and Palovich one of his large figure drawings. One of Stringer’s two entries is a sculptural piece depicting her favorite subject matter, Native American women. As in all shows of made up of many artists, there are a large number of paintings along with some photography. Abstract works by Karen Walsh in mixed media are contemporary, rich and subtle. But all types of art are present, such as the strong portraiture of Linda Halabe. A combination of traditional and contemporary is exemplified by mixed media work by L. L. Gimby. Nature lovers will appreciate the skill and detail in watercolors by Nancy Adams. “Chair, Vulture Mine”, a photo by Allen Johnson intrigues with its simplicity and rich textures. Pamela Bleakney entertains us with her whimsical “Pamela’s Tea Party” in pen and ink. The exhibition is a testimony to the vitality of art and culture in the West Valley and especially at the West Valley Art Museum. Its programs of art, theater, music and children’s and adults’ art education continue to lead in arts availability for the West side.Tickets: $7/Adults, $2/Students with ID, Free/Age 5 and Under Info Phone: (623)972-0635 Times: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm West Valley Art Museum 17420 North Avenue of the Arts (114th Avenue) Surprise, AZ 85374

Stray Cat Theatre The mission of Stray Cat Theatre is to cultivate the next generation of theatre-goers and theatre artists in the Phoenix area. Decidedly off the beaten path, Stray Cat will aggressively seek out and showcase the most vital contemporary material and blast open the classics in provocative new ways. Stray Cat Theatre 1121 North First Street Phoenix , 85004 Phone: (480)820-8022  Email: Website:

September 08 •  September 23  Falling Petals EXIT Theatre @ Metro Arts 

• Nov 03 • Nov 18  Fat Pig EXIT Theatre @ Metro

September 22-24 2nd Annual Wild Western Festival - Pioneer Living Hist

ory Village  DR Buck Productions DR Buck Productions PO Box 7123 Goodyear , AZ 85338 Phone: (623)444-7121  Email:

September 23 One Night in Deadwood - Boulder Creek High School Performing Arts Center DR Buck Productions DR Buck Productions PO Box 7123 Goodyear , AZ 85338 Phone: (623)444-7121  Email:


• 09/22-24 2nd Annual Wild Western Festival Phoenix, AZ Pioneer AZ

• 10/14-15 brings the Tucson Desert Thunder Rodeo to the Tucson Rodeo Grounds. Desert Thunder will feature bull riding, saddle bronc riding, bare back riding, steer wrestling, calf roping, barrel racing and team roping. For more information contact Desert Thunder Productions, Inc. PO Box 12129  Tucson, Arizona 85732, or call 520-721-1621,  520-296-3699 or check out .

• 10/14-15 ACMSA Arizona Cowboy Mounted Shooters Assoc ARIZONA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP - 3X WPQ Points - Hosted by ACMSA - at beautiful Yavapai County Fairgrounds, Prescott, AZ.- Call Terry Richmond -480-948-2443 or Elizabeth Dragoo - 602-400-3344 . .

• 10/21 “RIDE FOR THE WALK Join Us For The “RIDE FOR THE WALK” a trail ride at Granite Mountain Honoring Robin Hilditch and benefiting The Breast Cancer 3-DAY 60 MILE WALK (The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation).

This is a first time event for those of us who support Cancer research, but don’t want to walk 60 miles. Ride For The Walk will be on Saturday October 21st at Cave Creek located at 31313 N. 144th Street, Rio Verde, Arizona (Dynamite Road to 144th St. Turn North). Rides for riders of privately owned horses starts at 9:00 AM, for rental horse* riders: 1st Ride starts at 10:00 AM, lunch and silent auction is at noon. For rental horse riders: 2nd Ride starts at 1:00 PM, for a ride donation of $25.00. you can be aParticipating Ride. This includes a beautiful 2-hour trail ride and all the water you can drink! For a ride donation of $100.00 and above. you can be a Sponsoring Rider. Included is all of the above, plus a great lunch, plus the limited edition commemorative T -Shirt. (Pre-registration is highly recommended, so we don’t run out of food or T -Shirts.) We want to invite any celebrities to join if they care.

  • *SILENT AUCTION: Bring lots of money for our SILENT AUCTION. Remember thisis a for charity event with all profits going to the Breast Cancer 3-DAY WALK. Questions? Call Cortland Parks at 480-250-2703.

  • *RENTAL HORSES AVAILABLE. If renting, add $45 to Ride Donation amount above.


  • *LUNCH will be served at Base Camp at 12:00 NOON, between Rental Horse Rides.

• 09/14 Business for Breakfast Thursday, from 7:00-8:15 a.m.Speaker: David Schweikert-Maricopa County Treasurer He will be speaking on changes regarding property tax bills, changes in valuation of properties and other tax issues concerning residents and business owners. Hampton Inn-Anthem 42415 N. 41st Anthem, AZ 85086





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